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Hasbro's New Darth Vader Figure Is Most Impressive, and Most Frustrating - Gizmodo
Hasbro has been making awesome Star Wars action figures for decades at this point. But it’s kicking off a new range of figures in the galaxy far, far away called “Hyperreal” that are something totally new for the toymaker. It’s definitely filled with new surp…

Prince Harry Is Suing UK Tabloids The Sun And The Mirror Over Alleged Phone-Hacking - BuzzFeed News
A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the charges were regarding "illegal interception of voicemail messages."

Heather Locklear Looks Happy Celebrating Daughter's Birthday - TMZ
Heather Locklear couldn't look happier celebrating her daughter Ava's 22nd birthday.

HBO's Watchmen: First Impressions - NYCC 2019 - IGN
We've seen the premiere episode of Damon Lindelof's continuation of the Watchmen universe. Here are our first impressions! #ign

Nerds somehow gobsmacked that Martin Scorsese doesn't think superhero movies are "cinema" - The A.V. Club
Martin Scorsese’s movies have covered a pretty wide swathe of conceptual territory over his last 50 years of filmmaking—from angry men driving taxis, to angry men boxing, to angry men visiting Japan. (To say nothing of that persistent theme of the great direc…

‘Batwoman’: Rachel Maddow Will Be The Gossip In Gotham City’s Ear - Deadline
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow will provide the snarky voice of gossip maven Vesper Fairchild on the CW’s new drama Batwoman, which premieres at Sunday at 8 PM and stars Ruby Rose as Bruce Wayne…

Halle Berry, 53, Pours Water Over Her Incredible Body In Hot New Fitness Pic - Hollywood Life
Work it, girl! Halle Berry looked AMAZING in a new Instagram pic, where she made an earnest challenge to her followers to stay hydrated 'everyday.'

Kourtney Kardashian Slams Scott Disick as NEGATIVE While Hot Tubbing With Sofia Richie - Entertainment Tonight
Scott Disick doesn't seem to be having the best time on his family trip to Finland with ex, Kourtney Kardashian, and current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, in a n...

'Star Wars 9' spoilers: New comic may solve mystery of Luke's lightsaber - Inverse
Star Wars #1 could finally answer a question we've been asking for years.

Ms. Marvel Gets The Team Back Together In The Avengers Video Game - Kotaku
The first trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming Avengers game featured a female narrator that many fans thought sounded a lot like Inhuman fangirl Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel. They were right.

Banksy Criticizes $12 Million Sale of His Painting - Inside Edition
Banksy has outdone himself. His "Devolved Parliament" painting just set a new sale record for his work at Sotheby's in London. The auction house expected the...

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro from 'Jersey Shore' arrested - CNN
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, one of the cast members from "Jersey Shore," was arrested Friday after an alleged domestic violence incident in Los Angeles, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Comedian Andy Dick charged with groping ride-share driver in Los Angeles - Fox News
Comedian Andy Dick has been charged with allegedly groping a driver from a ride-hailing service.

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